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Annie McFarland

Founder & Director of Planning & Design

Annie’s professional experience as an outdoor recreation planner and public engagement specialist spans over 20 years.  For most of her career she worked for both federal and local public land management agencies in the western U.S; she also worked as an active transportation planner at a CO based engineering firm.  Now as the Founder and Director of Planning and Design at Pointe Strategies, she draws on her recreation management background, project management toolbox, professional facilitation techniques, and NEPA experience to help clients discover solutions that meet project goals while fostering investment and support by stakeholders.  With both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Management, she helps teams understand how visitors are likely to use the site/trail network resulting in fewer user created trails, improved restoration/closure success, and providing a quality visitor experience.


"Annie did an incredible job facilitating the Tri-County Meetings (attendees included county staff, elected officials, and interested citizens) where priorities were identified across El Paso, Teller, and Parks Counties to receive grant funding.  It was so fun to watch her effortlessly make sure everybody had a chance to speak while also keeping the group on track - I could not have done it better myself or ask anything more from her.”  Wendy Pettit CDOT Region 2 Planner (2022)

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