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Claire Meyer

Graphic Designer | Proposal Coordinator

After graduating with a B.A. from the University of South Florida, Claire packed her hatchback and drove from Florida to L.A. on a solo road trip. Soon discovering a disdain for hustle culture, she continued on to Colorado where she ended up in Boulder. Claire worked for the University of Colorado for 5 years in the on-campus Physical Therapy department where she was exposed to Boulder's health/wellness/fitness/outdoor recreation culture. Slowly cultivating her new interest in being outdoors, she adapted - trying out trail running, hiking, "peak bagging" (OK it was only Grays), camping, paddle boarding and kayaking. 

From CU Claire moved on to work for the City of Boulder, leaving the city for Pointe Strategies to pursue her self-taught passion of Graphic Design. Since the end of 2022, she has been involved in proposal, merchandise, trail signage, and branding design, as well as marketing and website creation.

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