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Fishers Peak Wayfinding and Signage


Trinidad, Colorado

In April 2020, the State of Colorado established its 42nd State Park, Fishers Peak, outside of Trinidad, Colorado near the New Mexico border. Named for a prominent peak at 9,633 feet, the park is nearly 20,000 acres of rugged and diverse terrain. Three initial hiking trails totalling about 2.5 miles, and a few picnic areas were constructed in 2020, while the main trail system was flagged. In early 2022, Singletrack Trails began work on the next 16 miles of trails throughout the park. These trails are varied in topography and use, with the majority serving both hikers and mountain bikers. Additionally, we are building directional mountain bike-only downhill trails and, the parks’ crown jewel, a steep and rugged hiker-only trail to the summit of Fishers Peak.

As part of this project, Pointe Strategies was given the task of creating a signage and wayfinding plan. After working closely with the park’s management team to understand the opportunities and constraints that the park presents, Pointe Strategies created a conceptual design brief. This included 3d models of custom signpost stanchion design alternatives as well as four different wayfinding layout concepts. Pointe Strategies graphic designer created themes with icons, font styles, and key colors, giving cohesive concepts for the park management to choose from as the project moved forward.

With park management’s decision on preferred concepts the custom stanchions were made by a subcontracting fabricator. The team then set about defining the needs for each individual sign, determining trail names and intended users. The team’s GIS specialist worked with the graphic designer to create up to date maps that best conveyed the important details.

Signs were installed by the Pointe Strategies team in August 2023 along trails that had already been completed. The final signs were installed following completion of the remaining trails in October 2023.

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