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Settlement Canyon


Tooele, Utah

Settlement Canyon is an important recreation access corridor for residents of Tooele, Utah. While up the canyon there are multiple trail opportunities, no trails connected this area to town. Recognizing that City property could provide this access, Tooele County contracted Pointe Strategies and Singletrack Trails to design a trail creating access from Settlement Canyon to Wigwam Park in the city.

Beginning by identifying the intended users and experience the team lined out the design characteristics and important design parameters. The team explored the site and conducted a desktop terrain analysis to understand the topography, soils, and property boundary constraints. The team presented three trail alignment alternatives representing the minimum, middle, and maximum lengths of trail that could connect the trailheads within the design parameters.

Once the preferred alternative was selected the team refined the alignment preparing for final flagging. The alignment was flagged according to the design, making field adjustments where necessary. A final report was created with detailed maps of the updated alignment as well as important notes for construction. Once the trail is built Tooele will have a great, close to town trail accessible to beginner mountain bikers, runners, and hikers, connecting users to the Settlement Canyon trails as well as an enjoyable trail experience on its own.

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