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Mountain Bikers

Our Services

Pointe Strategies employs a dedicated team of outdoor recreation planners, community engagement and facilitation experts, and dedicated trail designers with decades of combined experience.  Our team places a high value on continued education and training to ensure our project approach and designs utilize innovative technology and current best practices. 

Trail Design + Redesign

Pointe Strategies staff have firsthand knowledge of what it takes to build and maintain sustainable trails which is the foundation for all disciplines within the company.

  • New trail alignments and reroutes utilizing industry sustainability design standards

  • Customized trail maintenance training for staff and advocacy groups

  • Desktop reviews utilizing GIS analysis for improved efficiency and cost savings

  • Sustainable trail assessments and reports

  • Trail Sustainability Model that utilizes site specific data and user information to identify unsustainable trail sections.

  • Trail Master Plans

  • From conceptual trail alignment to final flag lines

Bike Parks + Skills Trails

Our designs foster skill building and progression for riders from beginner to advanced with a wide variety of features providing for a fun, inclusive day of riding.

  • Site study & layout

  • Feature conceptualization

  • Illustrative & narrative plans

  • NICA compliant courses

Community + Stakeholder Engagement

Utilizing both high-tech and traditional methods, our team works closely with clients to develop comprehensive engagement strategies that solicit meaningful input to inform project decisions and support easy transition to implementation.

  • Virtual and in-person meeting facilitation 

  • Pop-up events and community intercept events

  • Targeted strategies to engage underrepresented community members 

  • Survey development, administration, and summary of results

  • Project branding and material development

Post Wildfire Recreation Assessment

Untitled_Artwork 32.png

As a previous member of a Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) Team, Pointe’s founder brings a technical background to assessing post fire areas. This expertise coupled with our team’s sustainable approach to recreation planning results in a thorough assessment addressing immediate recreation needs and long-term goals.

  • Post fire trail assessments

  • Identification of erosion impacts and stabilizing measures

  • Recommended treatments to repair, replace, or reroute trails and trail infrastructure

  • Predict changes in visitor patterns and provide proactive strategies to minimize impact

  • Prioritized list of implementation items and associated cost estimates

  • Holistic view of the entire trail network to align with new landscape challenges and opportunities

Construction Management

Construction Oversight Icon.png

Serving as the owner’s agent, our team works closely with contractors to bring the Client’s vision to reality. Having a planning, design, and construction background uniquely positions our team to interpret design documents and translate expectations.

  • Develop realistic schedule with milestones to track progress

  • Attend all work sessions

  • Identify critical paths for efficient construction and allocation of resources

  • Development and implementation of Quality Control Plan, material sourcing, Safety Plan, Risk Management Plans and staging areas

  • Verification of monthly invoices and progress reports against project budget

  • Quality control through regular site visits


Sign + Map Design

Our team of designers are adept at working with clients to create a trail signage plan and map style to fit the needs and goals of each project.

  • Sign Plan

  • Directional and way finding signs

  • Instruction and interpretive signs

  • Trailhead kiosks and regulatory signs

Given our extensive experience working with bid documents and constructing sustainable trails, we understand the importance of providing enough technical guidance while also allowing flexibility for the artistry of trail building to contractors, volunteers, and youth corps.

  • Budget development and in-depth cost estimation 

  • Technical Construction Reports

  • Maintenance Plans 

  • Restoration and Closure Plans

  • Implementation Plans identifying priorities and funding opportunities

Construction Documents